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    "By ticking this box I acknowledge that I have read and understood the below Terms & Conditions including the security bond lodgment and return requirements"

    "By ticking this box I acknowledge that I have read and understood the below Unacceptable Behaviour rules including the NO GLASS on vehicles requirement. My guests and I agree to adhere these behavioral standards for the duration of my event"

    "By ticking this box i acknowledge that I have read and understood the Additional Costs requirement below. I agree to be personally responsible for payment of all and any such costs incurred immediately on demand."

    I have sent a copy of my driver license showing my current home address to the email or mobile number on this form.

    Terms & Conditions

    Quotes and prices

    • All published prices for vehicles and venues are a guide only, and are subject to change without notice
    • Written quotes are valid for 30 days
    • Your booking is accepted as confirmed with us once we accept it in writing
    • Each job needs to be fully pre-paid.  Payments become non-refundable within 45 days of your event
    • Unscheduled stops, additional guests, waiting or overtime may attract additional charges.  Group transfers include a 10 minute gratis grace period, after which waiting time is payable.


    • Vehicles have photo, video and sound recording devices. All sound and vision obtained is the property of Adelaide Partybuses, and you consent to its unconditional use
    • We reserve the right to substitute vehicle size and type at our absolute discretion
    • We may use more than one vehicle & driver for any event, tour or transfer at our absolute discretion

    At times circumstances dictate vehicle changes and substitutions.  We do our best to meet and exceed your expectations at all times, because we WANT you to have a great time and come back again and again.  But on rare occasions circumstances beyond our control may force our hand including but not limited to vehicle maintenance, mechanical breakdowns, driver availability, weather, and unexpected scheduling changes.


    Event planning

    • We often make venue bookings for tastings, meals and other visits for your group
    • You may need to pay a deposit to secure a venue visit, either to us to to the venue directly
    • Some venues require you to make contact with them directly, and you agree to do so without delay
    • We have no control over the accuracy, quality or quantity of any venue's offerings, eg drinks or food; any recommendations offered are purely based on past experience and are not intended to be guarantees of any kind
    • All itineraries remain our intellectual property.  Venues and times may only be changed or cancelled by us unless otherwise agreed to in writing.  If you cancel your bus booking with us, then we will likely re-use those scheduled visits for other groups
    • We offer the service of providing eskies for your use.  You may choose to use your own eskies, however these MUST be removed from the vehicle at the conclusion of each trip, including any transfers where our driver may leave to carry out other work.  (Also see After Event lost items below)
    • Driver will check photo ID - U18 must not consume alcohol on licensed premises
    • Strictly no alcohol consumption in vehicles for school formals regardless of age

    On tour

    • Whilst on tour you and your guests EXPRESSLY AND IRREVOCABLY agree to adhere to our published Standards of Behavior on board and at venues including car parks, conveniences and all other public spaces.  See "Unacceptable behavior" examples below
    • At the conclusion of your event you and your guests agree to thoroughly check that everybody takes off the vehicle with them all personal belongings, purchases etc.
    • Any item(s) left on a vehicle after an event may be forfeit.  We will do our best to re-unite an owner and their phone/wallet/keys etc, and you agree to bear any cost incurred in that process.  Food or beverages including alcohol left behind will be discarded.

    After Event

    • In the week following your event you will receive an email asking you for feedback about your experience
    • Bonds may be returned AT OUR ABSOLUTE DISCRETION in full or in part pending driver and venue reports within 7 days of receiving your bond return instructions

    Verboten! Unacceptable behavior:

    Any time during your event

    • Interfering with your driver in any way, including hair pulling, touching while driving
    • Abusive, aggressive, anti social behavior of any kind including verbal to anybody including each other
    • Drinking games involving sculling of alcohol
    • Public nudity, urination or similar
    • Theft, aka "souveniring" of items including drink glasses, signage, beer paddles

    In vehicles

    • Smoking or vaping
    • Consumption of red wine (still or sparkling)
    • Consumption of alcohol in vehicles without a liquor license
    • Bringing open GLASS containers onto a bus without EXPRESS permission from us
    • Removal of open containers of alcohol from a vehicle at a venue without EXPRESS permission from the venue
    • Opening of doors while vehicle is in motion
    • Ejecting any item whatsoever out of a vehicle
    • Placing body parts outside (eg out of a window) while vehicle is in motion
    • Interfering with equipment or fittings

    At venues

    • Not following reasonable directions of staff or driver
    • Swearing, foul language or excessively loud or obnoxious behavior
    • Bringing alcohol into a licensed venue - including the car park

    Many wineries and eateries are family oriented. We go there all the time even though you may not. It is important to respect staff, your diver and other visitors.

    Any breach of these conditions can lead to the offensive person being ejected from the vehicle and/or the whole tour being terminated immediately, wherever the bus may be, including the very first collection address! Your bond may be forfeited.  You will need to arrange your own way back home at your own cost.  There will be no refund.

    Additional Costs

    In ADDITION to any money you have paid, you agree to pay immediately on demand the cost of any of the following caused by any member of your group, regardless how well you know them:

    • Damage of any kind to vehicle or at venues
    • Theft, aka "souveniring"
    • Replacement items in case of breakage/damage
    • Cleaning of vehicle/venue after unreasonable soiling, including excessive dirt/mud, blood, vomit, drinks or any other spillage including leaking drink containers/eskies.

    These lists are not exhaustive, and additionally you may be reported to SAPOL or another authority if there is suspicion or evidence of illegal activity.

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