General Questions about Our Services

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Q: How big is your fleet, what size buses do you provide?
A: Vehicles range in size from sedans (4 passengers), minivans (6-7), minibuses (13-29), buses and coaches (30-57) to Partybuses of various capacities.
Q: Can we drink alcohol on your bus?
A: A BYO liquor license is part of every Partybus booking except for school formals. A liquor license can easily be added to any other vehicle, and Partybus Steve will sort the paperwork  🙂  Naturally RSA rules and regulations apply, and generally cans and plastic cups will be stipulated.
Q: What's the difference between a regular bus and a Partybus?

A:  A very important question!

Of course all of our buses are chauffeur driven, almost all are air conditioned and have some way of playing music, even if it is through the bus PA system.  Most minibuses have those high back bucket seats with integrated seat belts – which means that while you are traveling along you can really only talk with the person next to you.

The Partybuses all have low back bench seating – so there is an open party atmosphere.  Most have seats turned around so that people are facing each other like in a limousine, club style.  All have Bluetooth, BIG sound systems (quality speakers, amp, sub woofers etc) and come with party decorations.  LED and strobe lights round out the Partybus feel.

Does that help to paint a picture?   Seating layout and more pics here:

Q: What times and days do you operate?
A: In short, 31.  That’s 24/7 for those who are pre-caffeinated.  Anytime, any day, with conditions naturally.
Q: Can we collect from or drop back to more than one spot?
A: Absolutely!
Q: Will you collect/drop off outside the Adelaide metro area, ie country SA?

A: YES!  We specialize in metro, Adelaide Hills, McLaren Vale, Eden Valley, Langhorne Creek, Clare and Barossa Valley tours & transfers.  Happy to start and/or finish almost anywhere in SA, subject to conditions.  It’s less likely that we will take you interstate, but please ask and maybe we might…

Q: Are under age people allowed on your buses?

A: YES – even on a liquor licensed bus subject to conditions.  In fact we specialise in school formal and under age birthday Partybus cruises!  Naturally anybody under 18 will not be able to consume alcohol on our buses not at venues.

Q; Do you accommodate children, ie child restraints, baby capsules etc? What about a wheel chair?
A: While legally in a bus children are not required to be seated in a restraint, we have provisions for your child seat to be fitted, and/or we can provide the appropriate article.  Right now we don’t operate any wheel chair accessible vehicles, but are seriously exploring it.
Q: Do you have capacity for luggage such as luggage, deck chairs or golf clubs?
A: Absolutely.  As long as you tell us what you need to bring along, we will organise a suitable vehicle with designated luggage room or a trailer.
Q: What payment options are there?

A: All tours and transfers require a deposit/security bond, and we prefer full pre-payment prior to your event.  The most popular payment methods are bank transfer, Visa and MasterCard.  We also accept Cabcharge, Money Order and Cash.

Q: What happens if I cancel?

A: All tours and transfers require a deposit to confirm your reservation with us.  If you cancel within 45 days of your event date, then all funds are forfeit.

Questions about wine, beer, cider and gin tours

Q: Which regions do you visit?

A: Adelaide Winery & Brewery Tours has great working relationships with wineries, craft breweries and distilleries in all SA regions including the metropolitan area.  Happy to recommend a destination based on your personal preferences, the occasion for the outing and your group size.

Q: How much does it cost per person?

A: Apart from our set-price Mystery format (from $99pp for two wine tastings and lunch-conditions apply) each tour is built from scratch to your preferences.  So while the price of your chosen bus is fixed, costs for tastings and lunch vary greatly.  Generally a custom built tour will range from $75 to around $145 per person all inclusive of tastings and food.

Q: Do you contact the wineries etc, or will I need to?

A: Part of the service is taking care of making all venue bookings – if you want me to.  Some venues require payment to secure a reservation, and we will facilitate this as well if needed.  Making venue arrangements is one of the most popular facets of how we do things here, since most people don’t have the expertise, time, patience of inclination to chase up tasting appointments.  However we are equally happy to follow your prepared itinerary, as long as venues have actually been contacted.

Q: What times do tours start and finish?

A: Each itinerary is custom built, so as far as we are concerned times are mostly up to you.  Only real constraints will be venue opening/closing times and space/staff availability.

Q: Which wineries or breweries will we visit?

A: YOUR FAVOURITES, subject only to availability.  🙂  And if you don’t have any prime choices, then Partybus Steve or Kabernet Karrie are more than happy to recommend based on your occasion, group size and likes.  Dry whites or BIG reds?  Moscato?  Cider?  Gin?  Whiskey?  Oh yeah!  Alternatively leave it all up to us and enjoy the stress free experience of a Mystery Wine or Beer tour. For some inspo, check out a range of sample tour itineraries here:

Wine – mostly – click on a region for sample tours

Adelaide CBD and inner suburbs

McLaren Vale

Adelaide Hills

Barossa Valley

Eden Valley

Langhorne Creek

Clare Valley

Beer, Cider, Gin, more wine…

Adelaide Hills

Metro Adelaide

McLaren Vale

Barossa Valley


Q: Do we all have to meet in Adelaide, or can you collect from a suburban home?
A: Starting and finishing locations are entirely you choice.  Each tour is built around your needs.
Q: Do you cater for bucks and hens shows?
A: YES!  And younger adult birthdays, Hucks, footy team outings etc.  It is really important for Partybus Steve to know the reason for your outing so that appropriate venues can be chosen and a suitable tour format is planned.
Q: Why is there a cost to visit wineries? Last time I went wine tasting with my friend we were not asked for a tasting fee.
A: Indeed some wineries still provide gratis tastings for couples and small groups.  However most cellar doors and all breweries and distilleries charge something for tastings nowadays, with some making all or part of that cost redeemable on purchases.  Who, how and how much changes all the time, so please ask about the situation at your favorite winery during the booking process.

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