Standards of behavior

As the contact person for your group, you are the only person I am in communication with. So a major responsibility rests with you in the selection of your friends for this tour and their behaviour on and off the bus.

At Adelaide Winery and Brewery Tours & Partybuses we really want you to enjoy your tour. We put a lot of effort into presentation, equipment and scheduling. If you have a great day out, then you will tell your friends. After you have been on a Partybus cruise jiving to your music LOUD amongst the strobe lights of an evening, you will already have ideas about what occasion to include the Partybus in next.

Unfortunately all of this fun and frivolity can be too much for some. You know the story – it only takes one bad apple. Just one “friend of a friend” who can’t handle his/her alcohol. Hence BYO is limited to three (3) drinks per person per tour, and can include white wine (still or sparkling), beer, cider or commercially available ready to drink pre-mix such as scotch & cola and vodka cruisers. Not permitted are red wine, liqueur or straight spirits.

Liquor licensing laws in South Australia are quite user friendly, but also carry heavy fines. A security bond is payable for most tours. This bond is refunded at my absolute discretion after the event pending positive feedback from our driver/host and venue staff.

So in order for you, your driver and all other people who may see and hear us on the day to have a positively memorable experience, here are some house rules:

Unacceptable behaviour

Verboten! Unacceptable behaviour:

Any time during your tour

  • Abusive, aggressive, anti social behaviour of any kind including verbal to anybody including each other
  • Drinking games involving sculling of alcohol
  • Public nudity, urination or similar
  • Theft, aka “souveniring” of itmes including drink glasses, beer paddles

In vehicles

  • Smoking
  • Consumption of alcohol in unlicensed vehicles
  • Brining open GLASS containers onto a bus without EXPRESS permission
  • Removal of open containers of alcohol from a vehicle at a venue
  • Opening of doors while vehicle is in motion
  • Ejecting any item whatsoever out of a vehicle
  • Placing body parts outside while vehicle is in motion
  • Interfering with equipment or fittings

Most wineries and eateries are family oriented. We go there all the time even though you may not. It is important to respect staff and other visitors.

At venues

  • Not following reasonable directions of staff or driver
  • Swearing, foul language or overly loud & obnoxious behaviour
  • Bringing alcohol onto a licensed venue – including the car park

Any breach of these conditions can lead to the offensive person being ejected from the vehicle and/or the whole tour being terminated immediately, wherever the bus may be, including the very first collection address! Your bond may be forfeited.  There will be no refund.

Additional Costs

In ADDITION to any money you have paid, you may be required to pay the cost of any of the following caused by any member of your group, regardless how well you know him/her/them:

  • Damage of any kind to vehicle or at venues
  • Theft, aka “souveniring”
  • Replacement items in case of breakage/damage
  • Cleaning of vehicle/venue after unreasonable soiling, including excessive dirt/mud, blood, vomit, drinks or any other spillage including leaking drink containers/eskies.

These lists are not exhaustive, and additionally you may be reported to SAPOL or another authority if there is suspicion or evidence of illegal activity.

By placing a reservation with Adelaide Winery Tours, Adelaide Beer Tours, Adelaide Airport Transfers or Adelaide Partybuses you expressly agree to be bound by all of our terms and conditions. You must make everyone in your group aware by emailing a link to this page or printing it out for them. If you are unsure of any one of these conditions, you must ask and receive clarification prior to booking.

I’m sure you agree that all of this is common sense, but it had to be said.

We look forward to serving you.

Partybus Steve

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